Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This week my doctor told me a story he read about a neurologist that had a mother and a son come in for migraines. The patient happened to mention that he had awful canker sores and the mother said that she did too. The neurologist said he read about celiac disease and canker sores, so he tested them for the celiac antibody, and sure enough they had celiac disease. A couple months after going gluten free the migraines and the canker sores went away. Celiac has so many weird and obscure symptoms, so if you think you have celiac make sure you tell your doctor every little symptom you have. If that family had not mentioned the canker sores, the son would have been put on a migraine medication and the celiac may have never been found until it was possibly too late.  I know for me personally in my experiences with dealing with doctors, I don't want to complain about things I think are little. For example, I have had this weird sweet taste in my mouth that will not go away. I did not want to complain about what seemed to be a little thing. Now after doing some research I have learned that that can be a sign of a neurological disorder. Like the migraine patient, I have much more worrisome symptoms to remember to tell the doctor, but this weird one might hold a key to helping our neurologist solve this mystery. We need to not be afraid to tell the doctors everything because the one thing we hold back, could be the thing that will help a doctor figure out the problem. I know how hard it is to want to let the doctor know what is going on, but also not sound like hypochondriac. If you might have celiac, do your own research and tell your doctor everything!